2GAP Women and Sport world map project

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce that the 2GAP Women and Sport world map project has been selected to be presented throughout the Olympic Games in a symbolic location in the heart of Paris: the Cité Audacieuse.

Created and supported by the Fondation des Femmes, the Cité Audacieuse opened its doors in 2020 right next to the Jardin du Luxembourg. The only one of its kind, it aims to raise the profile of women and their rights. It is a place for welcoming the general public and promoting equality.

From June, an interactive screen will be installed so that visitors, athletes and journalists from all over the world can watch your videos and discover the strength of our networks. It's a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of our international collaborative project!

The Cité Audacieuse has been named a totem pole by the Paris City Council for the 2024 Olympic Games, to highlight the major themes of equality in sport, both before and during the Games, in this unique venue.

Exhibitions, conferences, meetings with sportswomen - a rich programme is being finalised! There's still time to get involved and contribute to the success of this unprecedented mobilisation across the world!

FCEM is the pioneer association uniting women business owners from the world over. Founded in France in 1945 at the end of World War II by Yvonne Foinant, and months before the United Nations, the Association quickly spread into other European countries and the 5 continents.

Today the network FCEM includes over 120 different countries and 5 millions members from the five continents.

And FCEM membership is growing, with new demands for membership each year.

FCEM is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and secular organization whose activities at the national and international level are aimed at promoting women-led businesses, strengthen and support national associations of women business leaders.

to join

FCEM membership is only available through membership in an affiliated National Association.
For information on FCEM National Associations, simply click on ‘MEMBERS STATES’.

For countries that do not have a national association of women business owners or that are not currently members, you are invited to contact the FCEM Regional Commissioner for your region. FCEM welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance.
For information on FCEM National Associations, simply visit the page MEMBERS STATES

Alone we are invisible togheter we are invincible

OpportunitieS and advantages

For national associations of women business owners, FCEM is an ideal environment for reinforcing the exchange of ideas and best practices among associations from the world over.

For the individual woman entrepreneur, FCEM presents an enriching experience to meet other like-minded women from the world over.

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FCEM Founder

the history of presidents

Yvonne Edmond Foinant, is the founder in 1945 of the Association of Women entrepreneurs FCE «Les Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises», was born in France in 1890 in a engineer family. She has been forced to manage her self, in a society where women could not access to work and entrepreneurship easily.

But with the First World War, the woman had been forced to hold leading positions after this massacre.



12, rue Émile Allez
Paris 75017

TEL. +33 (0)6 81 41 21 32 22


Siège Sociale :

FCEM (Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales)
Forum Francophone des Affaires,
3 Place de la Coupole BP98,
Charenton 94223, CEDEX, France

Siret : 834 792 400 00014
APE : 9499Z Date prise d’activité : 04/01/1945