2017- MARCH DBWC – 15th anniversary

The Dubai Business Women Council 15th Anniversary Gala dinner took place on March 15th to honour and commemorate the achievements of the Council since its inauguration in 2002. Through providing a platform for the personal and professional development of UAE-based women, the Council has made a significant contribution towards enhancing positive impacts for the inclusion of female leaders and entrepreneurs in business and society, not only in Dubai but also in the UAE. These milestones were celebrated through a special highlights video, recognition of the commitment of the Council’s key stakeholders and partners as well as a series of live performances.

LU Chin Mei     Report from Lu Chin Mei, World Vice-President Asia

Tokyo 11-13 May 2017 GLOBAL SUMMIT OF WOMEN

Informal meeting of FCEM Asia prior to the summit. As told you earlier, with Japan’s assistance (mainly Emerald Club) we held an informal meeting the day before the opening of the GSW. There were almost thirty people joining us, mostly from Japan and seven from Taiwan. I made a presentation on FCEM and promoted the 65th World Congress in Rome.    I had the opportunity to meet some old and new friends in the following days, including delegates from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Egypt and Mexico. They are all planning to go to Rome. There will be around twenty from Japan to Rome. Hopefully I will find 80 participants from Asia.

more information about Global Summit :  2017 Global Summit of Women
some photos about this event :  Photos in Tokyo Japan


  • Prix Yvonne Edmond Foinant   – Association of the year 2016   –  NAWBO USA
    represented by Mrs Teresa MEARES
    The most active and efficient association of the year 2016
  • Social Association of the year 2016 : TWEA Taiwan
    represented by Mrs Phillipa TSAI
    member of TWEA , a women entrepreneur who developped a social project
  • Award Motivation of the year 2016  – AMEP PEROU
    A new president and a young association which made a special effort to participate to the works of FCEM Congress.
    AMEP is represented by  Mrs.Erika CAVERO, President
  • Prix ‘Femme&industrie’ de l’année 2016 :  madame Nathalie CANDELOT
    membre FCE FRANCE
    L’entreprise ADB  a innover dans la production et la recherche pour l’industrie aérospaciale.
    L’entreprise emploie 85 personnes. http://adb-france.net/

    Nathalie Candelot-ADB

  • Prix ‘Art & Création’ de l’année 2016 : Madame Caterina REVIGLIO SONNINO
    membre AFCEM Monaco
    Une femme Cheffe d’Entreprise qui excelle dans sa carrière, dirige une Entreprise d’organisation d’évènements, a publié des livres d’Art de la Table et vient de conclure un partenariat avec Hermes.
    Caterina Reviglio AFCEM
  • Prix ‘Innovation’ de l’année 2016 : Madame Elena TEJEIRA
    membre OMEU Uruguay  http://www.omeu.org.uy/
    Elena Tejeira Catering  – apporte aux évènements de ses clients un support innovant et des idées révolutionnaires


  • Prix ‘Endurence’ de l’année 2016 : madame Lidia SARTORIS ANGELI
    Présidente : OAME Argentine,  Vice-Présidente  FCEM pendant 15 ans actuellement Vice-Présidente honoraire.
    Madame SARTORIS ANGELI a créé et développé OAME l’association d’Argentine et assuré l’implantation de FCEM sur le continent latino américain.
    Lidia Angeli Satoris-rec

El Presidente de República Dominicana Lic. Danilo Medina nombra huésped distinguida de la Ciudad de Santo Domingo a la Sra. Mari Carmen Garcia Noemi Vicepresidenta Mundial FCEM Por América Latina. Y Presidenta fundadora de nuestra asociación.

Este reconocimiento es porque a las mujeres empresarias de ese país se las incluyó al organismo mundial FCEM y por apoyar a la mujer empresaria en Latinoamérica.

Esto fue en el cabildo de Santo Domingo y lo recibió de manos del alcalde Lic. David Collado.
También estuvo presente la Sra. Rigoberta Menchú Premio Nobel de La Paz en 1992.

mexique-maria-carmen-noemi2      mexique-maria-carmen-noemi1

  • Award Yvonne Edmond Foinant   – Association of the year 2015   –  BPW BAHREIN
    Mrs. Sheika hint Bent Salman Alkhalifa
    The most active and efficient association f the year
  • Award ‘Social Association’ of the year 2015 –  AFEM Morocco
    Mrs. Leila Miyara Berrada, President
    Development of social project for 6 incubators for women-owned start-ups
  • Award Woman of the year  2015 – Madame Françoise Foning
    On 23 january 2015 we lost our Honorary President  Mrs. Françoise FONING
    President  GFAC, Mayor of Douala Cameroon
    a force of nature, this award honours her whole career and involvement.
  • Award  Industry of the year 2015 :  Mrs. Khairiya Abdullah AL DASHTI
    Capital Trading & Industry  manufactoring foam with 300 employees.
    Khairiya Abdullah AL DASHTI
  • Award  ‘Art & Création’ of the year 2015 : Mrs. Sylvia DAMIANI
    AIDDA Italy
    DAMIANI : Jewellry, creation of luxury jewellry throughout the world.
    Syvia Damiani web
  • Award  ‘Services’ of the year 2015 : Mrs. Mirella RACCUJA
    AIDDA Italy
    LIVING OFFICE : Interior design for offices to improve productivity and efficiency, while fostering success and prosperity.
    Mirella RACCUJA
  • Award  ‘BUSINESS’ of the year 2015 : Mrs. Alicia GAMBOA
    AMMJE Mexico
    3 Hotels, 5 Pizzeria with great involvement in favour of social integration.
    Alicia GAMBOA

Faithful to its tradition, the CNFCE chose to pay tribute in a successful enterprise recently directed to the export.
The company ‘ SEMSEM ‘ specialized in the linen, managed by Madam Raoudha Belaïfa.
Women’s delegation business managers attended this event, in a very friendly atmosphere.
This meeting allowed a link how much appreciated between former and new members.

Some photos of this World day of the Women Business managers 2016.



Car rental company across 105 countries worldwide.


FCEM AWARDS – Register Form


  • Award   ‘YVONNE EDMOND FOINANT’      Association of the year :  TWEA Taiwan ROC
    The most active and efficient national association of the year 2014
  • Award  ‘Initiative for Peace & outstanding work’   Association of the year  : KRUG Croatie
    Conference-committee in Dubrovnik with presence of 10 Balkan’s countries formely divided by ethnic wars.
  • Award  ‘Social Association’     Association of the year :  AFCEM Monaco
    Development of a social project for Senegal.
  • Award   ‘Sportwoman of the year’    Lilit ASATRYAN , President of AYWA Armenia
    President Armenia association, mother of 2 children, in August 2014 she reached the top of mount Ararat 5165m.


  • Award ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’   Anne Sophie PANSERI  – MAVIFLEX France
    Member of FCE France mother of 3 childrens and owner of ‘Groupd Maviflex’ 4 enterprises, 114 employees , turnover 21 Millions euros. http://www.maviflex.com
  • Award ‘Ambassadress of the year’     HRH Sheikha Hissah Saad Al Sabah  President BPW Kuwait
    Ambassadress regional developer in Gulf countries.
    HR Seisha AL-Sabahrec
  • Award ‘Endurence of the year’    Mrs. Reyne CIENZO, World Honorary President
    With our founder since 1955, World vice-President since 1970.
    Reyne Cienzo VPhonorairecarré




61th FCEM WORLD CONGRESS, Marrakech, 27th September 2013

Yvonne Edmond Foinant Prize
to AMMJE (Associacion Mexicana de Mujeres Empresarias)

‘Women Entrepreneur of the World’
to mrs. Régine Sixt (member VDU Germany)

‘Innovative Woman Entrepreneur of the World’
to mrs Derma Del Stabile (member AIDDA Italy)

‘Association of the Year’
to AFEM (Association Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Marocco)

Woman entrepreneur of the World - Régine Sixt - VDU Germany

Woman entrepreneur of the World – Régine Sixt – VDU Germany

Award Association of the Year - AFEM Marocco

Award Association of the Year – AFEM Marocco

Award 2013_ Innovative Woman of the Year - Derma del Stabile (AIDDA - Italy)

Award 2013_ Innovative Woman of the Year – Derma del Stabile (AIDDA – Italy)