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FCEM est une association pionnière réunissant les femmes chefs d’entreprises du monde.

Fondée en France en 1945 à la fin de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale par Yvonne Foinant, l’association s’est rapidement étendue à l’Europe jusqu’aux différents pays des 5 continents.

FCEM réunit dans un vaste élan d’amitié, de solidarité, les femmes qui partagent un intérêt commun : L’esprit d’entreprise. Aujourd’hui, avec 70 ans d’existence, le réseau FCEM comprend plus de 120 pays, cinq millions d’entreprises sur les cinq continents.

FCEM est en pleine croissance, avec chaque année, de nouvelles demandes d’adhésion.

Marie-Christine OGHLY
La Présidente Mondiale FCEM

Marie Christine OGHLY

Marie-Christine Oghly
Le mot de la Présidente

C’est avec grand plaisir qu’en novembre 2017 j’ai succédé à Laura Frati Gucci à la Présidence de FCEM. La Présidence de notre association qui allie entrepreneuriat, solidarité et amitié, retourne dans le pays de ses origines, la France, après 70 ans.
L’appui aux femmes en général et aux entrepreneuses en particulier est un défi permanent.

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Historique Présidentes
Historique Présidentes

yvonne foinant

Yvonne Foinant

Yvonne Edmond Foinant, fondatrice de l’Association Mondiale des Femmes Chefs d ‘Entreprises sous le nom FCEM

Toutes les Présidentes
Une même voix pour les femmes
Une même voix pour les femmes

FCEM est le porte-parole des femmes chefs d’entreprises. L’association défend les intérêts des femmes entrepreneurs auprès des gouvernements et des instances internationales publiques et privées.

Opportunités et avantages
Opportunités et avantages

Pour les associations nationales, FCEM est l’espace idéal et unique pour le renforcement des échanges et des meilleures pratiques entre les associations.

Voyager grâce aux membres FCEM
Voyager grâce aux membres FCEM

Pour les associations nationales, FCEM est l’espace idéal et unique pour le renforcement des échanges et des meilleures pratiques entre les associations.

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Notre force

Seules nous sommes invisibles, ensemble, nous sommes invincibles

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Mission et but

FCEM est une organisation non gouvernementale, apolitique, à but non lucratif et non religieux

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Partenaires & Liens

Depuis la signature en novembre 2005 d’un accord de partenariat entre FCEM et FFA

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Bio: Sara Vestin Rahmani

Sara Vestin Rahmani, mum, wife and entrepreneur aged 44, first arrived in London 25 years ago as an au pair from Sweden. Her mother, a teacher, brought her up single-handed after she divorced her father when she was two. She went to work for an international family who were extremely wealthy. The wife was a banker. They took her under their wing and introduced her to a life she’d never seen or known. Word got out about the family’s “discreet”, “dignified” and “unflappable” au pair (key qualities in private servants). Their friends said, ‘Can we have one like you? That is how the idea of Sara’s first business, Peek-a-boo Childcare Ltd came about. A company that Sara started in the early 2000’s, when she was in her early 20’s, by offering HNW people in her social circles a boutique nanny service. This then small but rich group came to trust Sara’s judgement for the care of their children. Obviously, when trusting Sara to find nannies for their children, they then trusted her with all other household staff. 

Today, Sara is the founder of the London-based Bespoke Bureau, a high-end domestic-staff recruitment agency. The company recruits butlers, nannies, housekeepers, chefs, chauffeurs, domestic couples and more.

Sara is also the owner of The British Butler Academy, an exclusive private and corporate service training school that sends expert teachers to train service staff in private homes, hotels, resorts and yachts.

Bespoke Bureau has gone from strength to strength and is today one of the world’s most sought-after luxury service businesses. They offer a discreet, fast and efficient service for their clients who are a combination of UHNW individuals, Royals and high-end businesspeople spread across the globe.

Sara and her team stay in close touch with their core clientele and Sara Vestin Rahmani believes that it is their genuine care for their clients that is the key to our success. Their business model is mostly client retention and not so much new business. Their clients trust them with their private homes and lives and as a thank you for their loyalty, Sara and her team, will make sure that their needs and demands are always met. Sara Vestin Rahmani sees the company more as a private member’s club than anything else and her experience has taught her to value quality over quantity. Despite a huge demand, she will still only take on a number of new clients each year. This is in order to keep the very high standard of service that they want to offer their clients. Any new business that they take on, comes from personal recommendations. Bespoke Bureau has a company policy to never advertise interestingly enough.

As time goes by, Sara’s clients’ expectations continue to evolve. Of course, they are looking for intangible moments, such as sublime services as well as unique and rewarding experiences. Sara is driven to continually re-imagine her company’s service approach. Moreover, they provide their clients with experiences that are unparalleled in the industry. When working with ultra-high net worth individuals, it is important to remember that, for the vast majority of this audience, the service experience is identified as the defining quality of a luxury product. With this in mind, delivering a brand promise that is anchored by exceptional service experiences, allows Bespoke Bureau to build that important emotional connection with their clients. This method enhances their client’s overall experience. 

Sara Vestin Rahmani and Bespoke Bureau often feature in high-cred media and Sara has participated in a number of TV documentaries as an expert speaker.

Noteworthy is that Sara Vestin Rahmani never studied at university level. Instead, she had a vision, believed in herself, and worked hard. Naturally, Sara has had some hardships over the years. During a period of around 2017-2018, Sara Vestin Rahmani’s business almost fell apart. Her mother sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer and at the same time, Sara went through a difficult separation. She could not cope with work and all responsibilities and there was nobody else around at senior level to take over. Slowly, however, Sara managed to pull herself together, grew stronger and got herself back on track. Today, she is back to her happy, driven, and ambitious self. She has learned the hard way that alone at the top is not always great and now understands the necessity to surround herself by other seniors and loyal staff/consultants who are on stand-by to take over if life takes a strange turn again.

Sara’s favorite 3 favorite sayings:

  1. You Haven't Lived until you are Niche'd,
  2. Go for it - and do it yourself.
  3. Follow your heart and dream big!


7 Bell Yard | Strand |  London

WC2A 2JR | United Kingdom

T  +(00)44 20 3290 0142



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