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in 2021 Italy will host the G20 summits; during the meetings will be held various Engagement Groups, promoted by the civil society.
Among these, the Women 20 (W20) made up of all representants the 20 Countries of the G20.
The task of the W20 is to ask the Heads of State of the G20 to promote policies on gender equality in various areas of social life: work, finance and digital.
AIDDA is playing an important role in this context since 2015 when Evelina Pensa, Aidda member of the Piedmont VDA delegation represented Italy in Turkey.
Antonella Giachetti, Aidda Deputy National President is the Italian representative with responsibility for financial inclusion.
On this very important occasion for Italy, AIDDA contributes as a host nation by providing the National Secretariat that will be used by the Italian delegation and therefore will in fact be the headquarters of W20 Italy. Aidda has received the ISTAT Central Director Linda Laura Sabbadini Chair W20 Italy and Stefano Pizzicannella of International Affairs Dip. P.O. of Palazzo Chigi.

The W20 Summit in Saudi Arabia will be held on 21 and 22 October 2020.
In this historic moment in which face-to-face meetings cannot be held because of COVID, the ceremony will take place via web. Women 20 recognizing the difficulties caused by the global pandemic to female entrepreneurs in the world, as a demonstration of its closeness, will host a Web-based Women's Entrepreneurship Fair on the sidelines of the Summit. The Summit will see the presence of experts, representatives and personalities from the most varied disciplines to discuss the ways in which women can progress towards a more equitable future.
A space dedicated to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises managed by women will be set up so that they can exhibit their products and services by exchanging information with interested counterparties, a great opportunity to learn about the business opportunities in that country.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the attached form by 20 September 2020.
For any questions you can contact us at the following address:
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