• In 1945 , towards the end of WW II, Ladies met in France at the request of Madame Yvonne Foinant, Master Blacksmith in the French Ardennes. These ladies had taken charge of their businesses often following their husband’s death. An Association was founded under French law.
  • In 1948, madame Foinant spoke at a meeting of Belgian Business women’s organized by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce. The Belgian Association was created in january 1949 under the presidency of Mrs. Annie Vandenschrik. this is followed on November 15th 1949 by the Dutch Nederlandse Unie Vrouwelijke Bedrijfshoofden and on May 10th 1954 by the British Association of Women entrepreneur (BAWE).
  • In 1955,  the German Vereinigung von Unternehmerinnen (VDU) joined the founding countries, incorporated under European laws and later World Wide (FCEM).
  • In 1949 an Algerian Association was also created, later to be dissolved during the Algerian war.
  • In 1956 a Belgian Congo Association was founded, this will be active in Leopoldville till 1959 year of the Congo’s independence.
  • 1956 was also the year of Canda’s membership (CAWE) , 1961 Italy’s (AIDDA) and in 1963 Mexico’s (AMMJE), 1966 Argentina’s (OAME) followed by Cameroun and Taiwan’s memberships.  Quickly all continents are represented, today in 2013 over 120 countries association’s are members of FCEM.