Consultative Status

FCEM: the united world voice of women business owners.
FCEM as an active lobbying and advocacy body

FCEM as an active lobbying and advocacy body is consulted for its views on major issues concerning women business owners and the participation of women in economic activity throughout the world by governments, private and public institutions and policy-making bodies.

FCEM is the unique NGO of its kind to have consultative status to the United Nations (ECOSOC Roster status 1996/31) and with the Council of Europe as well as representation before the European Union, UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNDP, the OECD, and the International Labor Organization.

  • Participation to the conferences, Forum and workshops organised by experts and international institutions.
  • United Nations
    Brussels Micheline Briclet
  • Commissions Économical & Regional
    Latino America Lidia Sartoris Angeli (Argentina)
    Arabic states Leyla Khaiat (Tunisia)
    Asia & Pacific area
  • International organisations
    OECD, Paris
    European council Laura Frati Gucci
    European Union Micheline Briclet
  • FCEM Representation before International Institutions
    • FCEM representative to international bodies are appointed by the World President. They are selected based upon their steadfastness, determination and willingnee to achieve success in their FCEM undertaking. They shall be able to represent the goals and interests of FCEM as well as strengthen FCEM’s presence World Wide. Commissioners, Ambassadors and Charges de Missions are indeed the kingpins to promote FCEM to International Organizations.

Main Responsabilities

  • To coordinate communication and follow up by FCEM and international Organizations for witch they are responsible (World President and Genral Secretary).
  • To be aware of annual calendars of international events and select these based on FCEM interest.
  • To attend and represent FCEM at selected meetings.
  • Confer with World President and the General Secretary on the selection of FCEs who will be representing FCEMs at the particular Conferences.
  • To follow up of active files with the various international organisations.
  • To inform the World President and General Secretary of different programs of interest to FCEM.