Awards 2015

  • Award Yvonne Edmond Foinant   – Association of the year 2015   –  BPW BAHREIN
    Mrs. Sheika hint Bent Salman Alkhalifa
    The most active and efficient association f the year
  • Award ‘Social Association’ of the year 2015 –  AFEM Morocco
    Mrs. Leila Miyara Berrada, President
    Development of social project for 6 incubators for women-owned start-ups
  • Award Woman of the year  2015 – Madame Françoise Foning
    On 23 january 2015 we lost our Honorary President  Mrs. Françoise FONING
    President  GFAC, Mayor of Douala Cameroon
    a force of nature, this award honours her whole career and involvement.
  • Award  Industry of the year 2015 :  Mrs. Khairiya Abdullah AL DASHTI
    Capital Trading & Industry  manufactoring foam with 300 employees.
    Khairiya Abdullah AL DASHTI
  • Award  ‘Art & Création’ of the year 2015 : Mrs. Sylvia DAMIANI
    AIDDA Italy
    DAMIANI : Jewellry, creation of luxury jewellry throughout the world.
    Syvia Damiani web
  • Award  ‘Services’ of the year 2015 : Mrs. Mirella RACCUJA
    AIDDA Italy
    LIVING OFFICE : Interior design for offices to improve productivity and efficiency, while fostering success and prosperity.
    Mirella RACCUJA
  • Award  ‘BUSINESS’ of the year 2015 : Mrs. Alicia GAMBOA
    AMMJE Mexico
    3 Hotels, 5 Pizzeria with great involvement in favour of social integration.
    Alicia GAMBOA