Awards 2014

  • Award   ‘YVONNE EDMOND FOINANT’      Association of the year :  TWEA Taiwan ROC
    The most active and efficient national association of the year 2014
  • Award  ‘Initiative for Peace & outstanding work’   Association of the year  : KRUG Croatie
    Conference-committee in Dubrovnik with presence of 10 Balkan’s countries formely divided by ethnic wars.
  • Award  ‘Social Association’     Association of the year :  AFCEM Monaco
    Development of a social project for Senegal.
  • Award   ‘Sportwoman of the year’    Lilit ASATRYAN , President of AYWA Armenia
    President Armenia association, mother of 2 children, in August 2014 she reached the top of mount Ararat 5165m.


  • Award ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’   Anne Sophie PANSERI  – MAVIFLEX France
    Member of FCE France mother of 3 childrens and owner of ‘Groupd Maviflex’ 4 enterprises, 114 employees , turnover 21 Millions euros.
  • Award ‘Ambassadress of the year’     HRH Sheikha Hissah Saad Al Sabah  President BPW Kuwait
    Ambassadress regional developer in Gulf countries.
    HR Seisha AL-Sabahrec
  • Award ‘Endurence of the year’    Mrs. Reyne CIENZO, World Honorary President
    With our founder since 1955, World vice-President since 1970.
    Reyne Cienzo VPhonorairecarré