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OAME –  50th anniversary – ARGENTINA

OAME – 50th anniversary – ARGENTINA

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On Saturday June 27th we commemorate the 50th anniversary of OAME -spanish acronym for Argentinean Businesswomen Organization- , and took place in the city of Rosario.

It was a great celebration with the presence of OAME’s Argentina and Uruguay National Delegations. Unfortunately, Brazil and Peru could not join us.

We shared half a working day and set the date in October for the 5th Latin America Meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay; and invitations to participate in the World Congress in Cancun, Mexico in November.

We presented an important book collecting data, information and photos of the path of OAME within FCEM.

Our Executive Committee member PhD. Cecilia Binolfi -PublicAccountant- was selected at the University of Alicante to present a paper on the Gender Research Studies. The subject she worked on was Business Women in the World, taking as an example the formation of FCEM, leadership and life of our first World President Madame YE.Foinant. The presentation will be held in Zaragoza.

To close our day we had a warm lunch, where we commend OAME for keeping itself firm for 50 years and still being present through its activities and projects.

Lidia Sartoris Angeli
Presidenta Nacional de OAME
Vice Presidenta Mundial Honoraria

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